Global Sports Betting, Rapid Growth

“The global sports betting industry is growing,” SportRader, which monitors the global sports betting market, said on Thursday. “In 2022, global sports betting sales will exceed the first 1.45 trillion (about KRW 1943 trillion).

The amount of 1943 trillion won is equivalent to the gross domestic product of the Republic of Korea.

“The global sports betting market will grow to around 10% every year from 2021 to 2028,” said Grandview

Britain, Spain and Australia opened up the sports betting market early on, and the United States and Germany have legalized the sports betting industry in recent years under government supervision and control.

The countries that have fully opened up sports betting are the United States, Australia, Ghana, Mexico, Nigeria, South Africa and the United Kingdom.

The UK has allowed betting on all sports since 1961.

Partly countries that allow sports betting are Argentina, India, the Philippines and Korea.

Brazil, Qatar, and Brazil have banned sports betting since 1946.

Qatar is one of the leading countries that bans all gambling, including casinos.


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